Hayley Atwell estará nos próximos filmes de "Missão: Impossível"

Anunciada originalmente apenas em Missão: Impossível 7, a atriz Hayley Atwell (de Agent Carter) confirmou nas redes sociais que também vai aparecer no oitavo filme da franquia. Vale lembrar que as filmagens acontecem em sequência, sem uma grande pausa.


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I had a go at a ‘photo grid’ in an attempt to display some tech-savvy-millennial skills. For those of you who don’t know, this involves nine separate posts loaded one at a time which only come together as a complete image when someone views the profile page. Some of the comments were of the ‘wot-is-goin-on-u-can’t-frame-a-picture, mate’ variety SO, to ease the confusion, here is my news in one post..... I’m thrilled to have joined @tomcruise and @christophermcquarrie for the next TWO Mission Impossible movies. To have gone from a classical play in the west-end to an audio book recording of a great new novel to a Disney/Marvel animation and now the female lead in a huge action franchise is the kind of variety that fuels my curiosity and keeps me learning and striving to be better and do better. I can’t wait to start sharing this adventure with you. Mostly in the form of effusive, sweaty ranting about stunt training while spontaneously vomiting with excitement/exhaustion. Lucky you. 🕺
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Missão: Impossível 7 chega aos cinemas em julho de 2021, enquanto Missão: Impossível 8 estreia em agosto de 2022. Ambos terão Christopher McQuarrie na direção, além do retorno do astro Tom Cruise no papel de Ethan Hunt.

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